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Carol Ann DeSimine

Carol Ann DeSimine is the CEO of Goddess55 Books, a boutique publishing company that serves entrepreneurial authors. Her writing process,  Just Do It, Write Now, is a step-by step map that leads you through writing a meaningful book in 90 days. Her 'concept to completion' philosophy is that its more efficient to work with one creator who takes you through to publication, rather than piecemeal a book, which only adds time, effort, and money to the process. Her process is efficient and personalized. She has 30+ years of experience publishing books, magazines, newspapers and newsletters, and spent 20 years serving entrepeneurs as a Business Coach where she specialized in branding, offers and messaging. Her heart is drawn to working with women over age 50 because they have tons of wisdom to share and are at a stage in life where they can stop building and start profiting on their life's experience. She believes there's no better way to do that than with a book! Whether you're a first time author who needs help writing your book, or you have your book written, and need to have it edited, formatted and published, there's bound to be a package that meets your needs. To chat with Carol Ann to see how she can help you, click here